When it Pays to Compare Caravan Insurance

If you compare various caravan insurances, you get a lot of benefits as well as peace of mind. Comparing coverage for caravan insurance offers you the best rates and coverage. If you get the right comprehensive caravan policy, you can relax while you are on holiday and even when your van is just parked in a fixed location. It does pay to compare insurance policies, even though you have to spend a lot of time doing it.

Standard Policy Requirements

In order to compare caravan insurance coverage policies, it is best to know the typical features of a caravan insurance policy. Such policy should provide coverage for:

• Flood or storm damage

• Accidental damage

• Agreed value

• Market value

• Up to a maximum GBP5M public liability

• Attempted theft, theft, smoke, fire, riots, lightning, malicious vandalism acts, and falling aircraft

You might also want to know if insurance coverage for your caravan is required. While getting caravan insurance is not necessary, it is recommended if you care about your vehicle and if you have invested a lot for it and the contents inside the vehicle.

Before getting caravan insurance, you should look at your car insurance policy first. A lot of insurance policies for cars include trailers’ third-party coverage. However, it does not always include your caravan, and if the caravan you have suffers any damage from a fire or accident or it is stolen, you cannot claim for damages under a standard car insurance policy.

Thus, it pays to compare caravan insurance, just to make sure your van is safe. It is a worthy investment to get separate coverage for your caravan, so that you are adequately protected in case of an unfortunate circumstance.